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The Japan Food Chemical Research Foundation

Table of MRLs for Agricultural Chemicals

Agricultural Chemical¡§ BHC
Note¡§ gamma-BHC refers to lindane. When the term BHC is used solely in Notification No.370, it refers to alpha-BHC, beta-BHC, gamma-BHC, and delta-BHC, and maximum residue limits (MRLs) for BHC are established for the sum for residues of these four substances. If gamma-BHC is solely detected, the corresponding MRLs in Item 7 will be applied. If one or more of alpha-BHC, beta-BHC, and delta-BHC are detected, regardless of the detection of gamma-BHC, the corresponding MRLs for BHC will be applied.

Food MRLs(ppm) Note MRLs(ppm)
Time limit for application
Rice (brown rice) 0.2    
Wheat 0.2    
Corn (maize, including pop corn and sweet corn) 0.2    
Buckwheat 0.2    
Soybeans, dried 0.2    
Beans, dried 0.2    
Peas 0.2    
Broad beans 0.2    
Potato 0.2    
Taro 0.2    
Sweet potato 0.2    
Japanese radish, roots (including radish) 0.2    
Japanese radish, leaves (including radish) 0.2    
Turnip, roots (including rutabaga) 0.2    
Turnip, leaves (including rutabaga) 0.2    
Chinese cabbage 0.2    
Cabbage 0.2    
Brussels sprouts 0.2    
KOMATSUNA (Japanese mustard spinach) 0.2    
KYONA 0.2    
Cauliflower 0.2    
Broccoli 0.2    
Burdock 0.2    
Lettuce (including cos lettuce and leaf lettuce) 0.2    
Asparagus 0.2    
Celery 0.2    
MITSUBA 0.2    
Tomato 0.2    
Pimento (sweet pepper) 0.2    
Egg plant 0.2    
Cucumber (including gherkin) 0.2    
Pumpkin (including squash) 0.2    
Orinetal pickling melon (vegetable) 0.2    
Water melon 0.2    
Spinach 0.2    
Peas, immature (with pods) 0.2    
kidney beans, immature (with pods) 0.2    
UNSHU orange, pulp 0.2    
Citrus NATSUDAIDAI, pulp 0.2    
Citrus NATSUDAIDAI, peels 0.2    
Apple 0.2    
Japanese pear 0.2    
Pear 0.2    
Loquat 0.2    
Peach 0.2    
Cherry 0.2    
Strawberry 0.2    
Grape 0.2    
Japanese persimmon 0.2    
Tea 0.2 limited to unfermented tea