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The Japan Food Chemical Research Foundation

Table of MRLs for Agricultural Chemicals

Agricultural Chemical¡§ ETHIPROLE

Food MRLs(ppm) Note MRLs(ppm)
Time limit for application
Rice (brown rice) 0.2    
Soybeans, dried 0.2    
Green soybeans 0.5    
UNSHU orange, pulp 0.1    
Citrus NATSUDAIDAI, whole 0.7    
Lemon 0.7    
Orange (including navel orange) 0.7    
Grapefruit 0.7    
Lime 0.7    
Other citrus fruits 0.7    
Apple 1    
Japanese persimmon 0.2    
Mango 0.5    
Tea 10    
Other spices 3    
Fish 0.09