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The Japan Food Chemical Research Foundation

Table of MRLs for Agricultural Chemicals

Agricultural Chemical¡§ PROHEXADIONE-CALCIUM
Note¡§ The residue definition of prohexazione-calcium is the sum of prohexazione-calcium and its educt (prohexanezione) expressed as prohexazione-calcium

Food MRLs(ppm) Note MRLs(ppm)
Time limit for application
Rice (brown rice) 0.2    
Wheat 0.5    
Barley 0.1    
Rye 0.1    
Other cereal grains 0.1    
Peanuts, dried 1    
Cabbage 0.2    
Apple 3    
Japanese pear 3    
Pear 3    
Strawberry 2    
Cattle, muscle 0.01    
Pig, muscle 0.01    
Other terrestrial mammals, muscle 0.01    
Cattle, fat 0.05    
Pig, fat 0.05    
Other terrestrial mammals, fat 0.05    
Cattle, liver 0.05    
Pig, liver 0.05    
Other terrestrial mammals, liver 0.05    
Cattle, kidney 0.1    
Pig, kidney 0.1    
Other terrestrial mammals, kidney 0.1    
Cattle, edible offal 0.05    
Pig, edible offal 0.05    
Other terrestrial mammals, edible offal 0.05    
Milk 0.01